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A Checklist is a great way to improve the quality of processes and decision making. On this page we present some tips and resources that may help you get the most out of your checklist.

Checklist Tips

The most important element of using a checklist is not whether it's on paper or on your computer, it's not whether you use Excel or Word or dedicated checklist software, it's not even what the items on your checklist are.

The most important aspect of a checklist is that actually use it!

Checklists are the sort of organizational technique that people adopt in times of enthusiasm and often drop soon after.

If you create your checklist you may gain a feeling of accomplishment, to change your life you need to start using your checklist regularly and make it a habit.

If your checklist is to validate a specific process (such as a safety checklist for example) the checklist may not be enough, you may need a process to report on whether the checklist is actually being used.

If your checklist is going to be used to help you improve your life (lose weight, study more, grow your business for example) it's probably best to start off simply with only a few items on your list.

Scientific studies have shown that new Habits are formed in under 30 days. So commit yourself to the intense practice and observance to your new habit in the first 30 days.

The Jerry Seinfeld "Don't break the Chain" method

Jerry's To Do List Method

Jerry Seinfeld (the comedian) is just one example of someone understanding the power of daily routine.

He was asked how he became a successful comic and answered that the key to success for him was having good jokes, and the key to having good jokes was simply writing new jokes every day.

He implemented a daily to do list approach. Marking down each day whether he had spent time coming up with new jokes that day or not. He focused on the simple mission of making sure he could give himself a success tick every day.

Useful Links

Checklist Templates For Word

Microsoft has some helpful instructions for creating a checklist in word on this page.

EHow also provides some information on how you can put together a checklist in Word here.

Checklist Templates For Excel

There is some helpful information about putting together an Excel Checklist on the HabitMix Blog.

Microsoft also provides some Excel checklist templates on it's website. Check them out here and here.

Free Checklist Templates

If you are looking for some inspiration for the look and feel and design of your daily checklist then it might be worth searching google images.

Simply go to and search for "daily checklist" or "checklist template".

You will find lots of examples that will help you design your own checklist.

Web Based Daily Checklist

If you are putting together a checklist that you will be using repeatedly, every day or week for example, an online web daily checklist is a great alternative to consider.

Obviously we are a little biased since we offer HabitMix, an online web based daily checklist, but we do think it's an option worth considering.

  • a cartoon tick A web based checklist can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection
  • a cartoon tick You don't need any special software such as Word or Excel, all you need is the Web
  • a cartoon tick With a web based checklist you're never going to end up with multiple copies out of sync
  • a cartoon tick HabitMix, our web based checklist service, can send you reminders you when you don't fill it out, and provides simple reporting with a single click.

There's an example checklist at the bottom of this page, please check it out.

Getting Things Done

One methodology that can help you get things done is actually called Getting Things Done(GTD)

One main theme of the FTD method is to record the tasks you need to get done so that you can expunge them from your mind. Leaving yourself free to focus on performing the task at hand.

Another emphasis in the system, created by David Allen, is on preparing all the required information and tool required to complete a task before the task itself is attempted.

Essentially GTD is about clearing the mental clutter than can hamper your though process when you are trying to complete a task.

Pomodoro Technique

A Tomato

The Pomodoro Technique (the name comes from the Italian word for tomato) is an organizational and time management system than splits all tasks into short, usually 25 minute chunks.

After working on a task for 25 minutes a short break is taken before work is resumed.

It's thought that regular short breaks allow the mind to settle and operate with higher effectiveness when working.

Well, what are you waiting for ?

There is an old saying about saving money, the most important thing is that you do it early and do it often.

A similar thing could be said about using a daily to do list and taking control of your habits. Don't worry too much about how you are going to record your progress, don't even worry too much about what habits you are going to be recording. Pick one and get started today!

HabmitMix provides a free account so you can get started recording your habits on a daily checklist.

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